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Obama’s Prophecy

A Socially Speaking Commentary

November 1, 2009

By Perry Redd

How quickly we often forget.  Our president is a prophet and we don’t know it.  It’s been a year since he was elected, and 53% of Americans said they wanted change.  Unfortunately, 46% said they didn’t.  During the heat of the primaries, the junior senator from Illinois knew that certain people needed it—and would act up if things didn’t.

You might recall that on April 12th, 2008 at a San Francisco fundraiser, Barack Obama said some working-class voters are bitter over their economic circumstances and “cling to guns and religion” as a result. His then opponent, Hillary Clinton derided the comments as “elitist and divisive.”  The conservatives had a field day; and though everybody knew he was right, even the left turned-tail and ran.  Remember that?

Well, all rhetoric aside, Obama was dead-on…and nobody seems to remember?  You see, I’ve been tracking gun-related murders by angry white males since the Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007 (and no, Sun Wi Cho doesn’t qualify as a white male). Officially, the recession began in December of 2007, (though former President Bush denied it until he was almost out of office).  Though we see the gun crimes of black males on TV—regardless if they are in simple possession or commit a drive-by—we rarely illuminate the consistent pattern of white, males angry about their fear of change…change in their financial status.

As a matter of fact, beginning in December ’07, two separate shootings at church evangelical meetings occurred in Colorado Springs; “Cookie” Thornton shot & killed six people in a city council meeting on 2/7/08.  From Southern California to Pembroke Pines, Florida.  60 year-old Gordon Wheeler walked in armed a county board meeting in Little Falls, Minnesota, mad about his business finances and ended up dead, shot by police.  Remember the man in Knoxville (the place I called home for 20 years) who walked into my friend’s church and shot & killed two people at a children’s program

It appears from all fact and circumstance that President Obama was right.  We’ve seen an angry bunch of middle-class Americans.  The many of those, think they run everything—and probably had.  They’ve accused Obama of “trying to take their healthcare.”  We’ve seen them bring guns to rallies, get evangelically closer to God and fight for pro-gun legislation in districts where they don’t even live.  The political climate has changed since the election of Barack Obama…he’s a prophet.

Perry Redd is the former Executive Director of the Sincere Seven and author of the on-line commentary, “The Other Side of the Tracks”.  He is a writer/editor for Washington, DC’s WPFW’s 89.3fm radio show, “Backyard News”


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