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It’s About Race

March 22, 2010

Another historically wonderful event happened during my lifetime: Legislation was passed in the House of Representatives on Sunday that gives millions of presently uninsured Americans access to healthcare coverage. Amen…this act of necessity makes America among the best in the world, as healthcare providers go, for its citizens. But there are some in this country who are extremely pissed-off about it. No matter how much they deny, it’s about race.

Eerie Resemblance of the Past

March 1, 2010

I received an email the other day. As I am currently unemployed, I receive many about job openings. After 7 months of searching, I come to the conclusion that the conclusion that they’re all “screening tools” and employment of someone of my caliber is but an illusion…but I digress. The email I received was for healthy compensation to become Track Workers.