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The Double Standard in these American Politics

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking Commentary
April 5, 2010
By Perry Redd

Thursday marked the debut episode of Real American Stories, an hour-long concept so predictable and innocuous that FOX News network is only committing to air it “periodically.” If the aim of the show was to remove Palin from a political context, and present her in a rosy, chipper, leave-it-to-Beaver side, then mission accomplished: The show was absolute garbage.

Only a couple minutes into the premiere episode, she was flanked by a bunch of elementary school students from impoverished areas (you could’ve figured that), all now on a path to a better future thanks to a generous philanthropist (you know, that white, male savior concept?) who’s committed to help pay for their education. It was vintage hallmark.

Love her or hate her, we saw a side of Sarah Palin that must have caught observers at every end of the spectrum by surprise…That would be her boring side. All that tough talk was glazed over by the make-over queen of America.

You would’ve thought that we would see Palin attacking the problematic issues that America faces, but she wanted play Gidget. Tell me how you can garnish the respect of Republican cutthroats and then come out of the box cushier than a ton of Cottonelle?

The show is so cushy and whispery, in fact, that there’s almost no variation in the texture worth discussing. I’m only discussing it now, because she’s a political lighning rod who wants to remain relevant. It is slick, smooth and wafer-thin. Give it five minutes and it’ll evaporate right in front of your eyes; ‘cause that’s all I watched!

What’s key here is what I want you to recall: gear your memories of when Barack Obama was running for president, drawing crowds in numbers unbelievable, tens of thousands, like no other politician before him. The Republicans hated on him, chided him, castigated him—for being him. Remember, they mocked Obama as being bigger than Brittany Spears? The McCain campaign came out with one among a string of sharply negative advertisements, this one mocking Barack Obama as a self-important celebrity along the likes of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

It’s even being reported that FOX News used old recycled interviews with rapper LL Cool J and Country singer Toby Keith for her show—like they were face-to-face talking with HER! They recycled old interviews—with someone else! So disingenuous!

Which brings me to the point: she accused then candidate Obama of being a “rock star” candidate, too much press and too flamboyant; and here she is, doing reality TV, book signings and now feel-good shows. So why can’t we call a hypocrite what it is? This woman is the most fake, insincere, two-faced pseudo-politicians that society has ever produced. The inflammatory language of hatred, division and supremacy is quickly exposed with hokey right turns in one’s agenda. And alongside the conspiracy is FOX News. With equally insincere productions such as Real American Stories, they shall both crash and burn…and keep democracy safe.


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