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The Hypocritical Factor

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking commentary

May 18, 2010

By Perry Redd

Have we all been taught to “stand on your principles”, “be consistent”, “be a man of your word”?  Recalling those wisdom of your father, why should we listen to elected leaders who ignore it?

My chief target of hypocrisy and blatant, “in-your-face” double-facedness, Mitch McConnell. The Senate Republican leader has warned America about President Obama’s choice of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court and her qualifications. “She’s the least qualified in terms of judicial experience in 38 years,” McConnell said.

While he admits that some see that as an asset, McConnell nevertheless insisted that “about 70 percent of the American people think judicial experience is a good idea for somebody who is going to be on the Supreme Court.”  My question is “what 70%?”  And then again, who to say that other 30% is wrong?

The thing about Senator McConnell, is he forgot that he was in that 30% within recent memory…

Five years ago he championed hard for George W. Bush’s nominee for the high court, Harriet Miers, even though she’d never done a day’s duty as a judge.   McConnell even held her lack of time on the bench in high esteem,  saying she’d “bring to the court a lifetime of experience in various levels of government . . . she will make a fine addition to the Supreme Court.”

Now, the Republican leader in the Senate has put on another face: The Obama-hater face.  The fact of the matter is, anything that may make Obama shine in a positive light—i.e., diversifying the Court—he’s going to be against.  McConnell is doing what McConnell does…hate.  The plan next is to obstruct.  He’s already flip-flopped; he’s currently brushing his past comments under the rug—while people are looking at him—and telling the people that what he said before, doesn’t matter.

McConnell took the Senate floor crying, “In our constitutional order, justices are not on anybody’s team…They have a very different role to play. As a Supreme Court justice, Ms. Kagan’s job description would change dramatically. Far from being a member of the president’s team, she’d suddenly be serving as a check on it. This is why the Founders were insistent that judges be independent arbiters, not advocates.”  What a short, selective memory.

He conveniently forgets that Harriet Miers was not only the president’s White House lawyer—a job closer to Bush’s interests than Kagan’s are to Obama’s as solicitor general. Miers also had been Bush’s personal lawyer since the mid-’90s. She was the lawyer for his gubernatorial campaign, and in 2000, was Bush’s presidential campaign lawyer. On top of that, she was a close personal friend. “You are the best governor ever—deserving of great respect!” she wrote in one birthday card. She wasn’t just on the Bush team. She was captain of the cheerleading squad.

So the emperor has no clothes. This tongue-twisting, politic-tricking, play-faking, Obama-hating McConnell is now exposed.  The people of Kentucky deserve better. They ought to be represented with an honest, principled, consistent elected leader.  With this hypocritical factor, McConnell ain’t it.


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  1. Very good post. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..

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