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We Are Not the Crazy Ones

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking commentary

May 24, 2010

By Perry Redd

These people think we’re crazy.  We watch them as they climb on the national stage—desiring media attention (because how else can one get elected to public office if the public doesn’t see them?).  Then, they complain that “the media” is against them once they express their erroneous policy positions, internal thought processes or out-and-out lies.  These people think we’re crazy…

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is running for the U.S. Senate—among the highest legislative office in the land; a position of accountability and public trust.  Blumenthal’s statements indicating he served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War were caught.  You see, Blumenthal never served in Vietnam.  Blumenthal is a liar.  Lying, as a politician is not acceptable.  It’s fine for a fiction writer, it’s fine for a comedian, it’s even okay in making foreign policy…it doesn’t work for a politician here in America.  Politicians hold lives of others in their grasp.  They decide who will eat, who will work, who will be protected, who will pay taxes, and how much of all of those.  Thus, honesty and transparency matter.

Blumenthal’s “misstatements” as he calls them, were first reported by The New York Times online on last Monday.  He made equivalent statements in The Milford Mirror in May of 2007 and in the Stanford Advocate in 2008.  These are NOT misstatements.  These were intentionally misleading lies.  He did not serve in Vietnam.  Saying you did is a lie.  It’s a lie on a job application, a court deposition or to your mother.

Then, he had the nerve to claim that he was taking responsibility for making the statements…and in the same breath, castigate anyone who would impugn his integrity by calling a lie a lie!  Damn, he’s the liar, not the people reporting the lie…these  people think we’re crazy.

Rand Paul is dangerous.  He may very well win the Senate race in Kentucky.  Truly, he is a Libertarian, not a Republican; that’s like the difference between satan and the devil.  They both disenfranchise, believe that government needs to be irrelevant, that racism should be legal, that corporations should be able to run wild.  Libertarians don’t like anything or anybody but themselves. 

At first glance, libertarianism appears to be a valid political theory that you can wrap your arms around: legalization of drugs, limited government involvement in private affairs, abolition of taxes…but then comes the reality:  they want to abolish the Department of Agriculture (tainted foods—Salmonella, Mad Cow, e-Coli, etc.).  They want to abolish the Department of Education (segregation, non-standardized learning, teaching certifications, school accountability, financial aid).  These are not good policy-making facets of a strong nation.  In the words of former president George W. Bush, “this cannot stand…”

Paul says he’s against institutional racial discrimination, but he says he for allowing businesses the right and opportunity to do so—legally!  To roll back 40 years of progress in ridding this country of it’s Jim Crow past…and he expects Americans to support his candidacy?  These people think we’re crazy!

This is what America is looking like; this is what America is.  Don’t be fooled by capitalism, bling and images of black wealth.  It doesn’t exist.  Don’t be fooled into the guise of equality, justice and anti-racist…it doesn’t exist. What does exist is the annihilation of racial progress and transparency in government.  Be on the defensive; question at all turns, be suspicious.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you…these people think WE’re crazy. 

Perry Redd is a social change activist and the former Executive Director of the Sincere Seven and author of the on-line commentary, “The Other side of the Tracks”.  He is the host of Socially Speaking on the internet-based im4radio broadcasting network


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