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Liars Should Not Be the Norm

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking commentary

June 7, 2010

By Perry Redd

A few weeks ago, I wrote a commentary on political liars, specifically Democratic senate candidate from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal.  I called him a liar and opined that he should not be elected.  He is a Democrat.  Now, a Republican has been exposed as doing the same thing.  My position and advisement stands.  This Republican is a liar too.  He should not be elected.  Two points here:

  1. When one is caught in a lie, his/her integrity is compromised when the liar gets mad and attacks the person who caught it
  2. When a liar is exposed, they don’t need to mischaracterize it as a “misstatement”; they KNOW the truth, so anything other than that is false; it’s no mistake, it’s intentional

Senate candidate Mark Kirk apologized Thursday for making inaccurate statements about his service in the Navy Reserves, while acknowledging more discrepancies.

“I apologize to everyone for these errors,” the Illinois Republican said. “They were my responsibility entirely and I will fix them.”

Errors?  Kirk also has said that when he’s on active duty, he commands the Pentagon war room, which is an exaggeration of his intelligence duties there. And until 2005 he sometimes said he served “in” Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, although his duties at the time were entirely stateside.  He knew that he never served in armed conflict.  Guess what?  That makes him a liar…how can you trust this guy with your state?  Why would you?

The five-time U.S. representative, who is competing with Democrat Alexi Giannoulias for the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama, also acknowledged new incidents where public statements didn’t match reality about his service.

Kirk said a letter sent by his congressional district office last year described him as a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, the first Persian Gulf war, but he did not participate in that operation.

He also said there is no record of whether his airplane came under fire when he made intelligence reconnaissance flights over Iraq in 2000. A Kirk aide has said at least once that Kirk was fired upon by anti-aircraft weapons.

The furor over Kirk’s military record took off last week when he acknowledged that, contrary to his many statements over the years, he hadn’t won the Navy’s award for intelligence officer of the year.  The appalling thing about this is that he didn’t simply slip once, he’s been lying for years…and people have been believing him—for years!

Amid media inquiries to the Navy, Kirk corrected his resume to show he actually received a different award, one that went to his unit instead of him personally.  He’s never done anything beyond the average; nothing beyond what was safe!

Politicians’ military records are under particularly intense scrutiny after the recent revelation that a Senate candidate in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, had sometimes told audiences he served in the Vietnam War. Actually, he was in the Marine Reserves and never left the United States.  Another liar—this one, a democrat—who deserves also to be thrown off the ticket!

Kirk initially played down the significance of the incorrect information about his own record, and criticized Giannoulias—his competition—for raising the issue. He accused Giannoulias, the Illinois treasurer, of denigrating his military service.  You gotta be kiddin’ me?  Your credibility is shot when you attack the messenger.  Don’t support either of these liars, anyone who supports them, anyone who excuses them or anyone like them…or you’ll become them—and get what you deserve.

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