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Obama’s 2012 Challenge

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking commentary

November 9, 2010

By Perry Redd

It’s now or 2012…President Barack Obama has got to make a choice.  He’s made few mistakes.  Most have been a matter of semantics.  The Henry Louis Gates incident, where he said the arresting officer acted “stupidly” (which he happened to be right on); and the neo-cons ran with it.  He characterized the recent loss of the House of Representatives a “shellacking,” and the Republicans ran with it.  Giving that opposition any ammunition hurts any course of cooperation.  But to my point; because Obama failed to electrify his base by sticking to his campaign promises, the next presidential election of 2012, presents the president with a daunting challenge: re-election.

Despite claims of the Republicans, his challenge will come not from the policies of the past two years or the actions he’s taken since becoming president, but from the lack of policy and the inactions he’s failed to take.  The petty branding of Healthcare Reform as “Obamacare” is a prime example of his administration allowing Republicans to define his agenda.  Now, they own half of Congress.  But they’re not going to be his worse problem. 

Sure, they aim to be pure and unadulterated obstructionists, but that can backfire against them.  He can recover from that.  What he won’t be able to recover from is the base he’s alienated.  They’ll be gunning for him in 2012.

There’s a lot of money in Jewish hands; they will surely back a Jewish candidate with a big stick.  After the Republicans destroy the progress that was started during Obama’s first two years and they stalemate any further efforts to pull the economy out of the ditch; and after Obama spends the next 18 months trying the “bi-partisan” approach—and having his head handed to him, the battle will begin.

Though he lost his sente race, look for Russ Feingold to re-appear, or a youthful Anthony Weiner from New York or better yet, Minnesota Senator, Al Franken is going to rise up with a silver-lined, lemon & lime, ahead-of-its-time, progressive agenda.  The kind of agenda that the Hollywood elite can put their money behind.  Don’t be surprised when, even behind the closed doors on the DNC, you see a grand resurgence of true progressive principles pimp-slap Obama right out of the middle-of-the-road pragmatism he’s held onto since his third month as president.  It’s not going to be pretty…

So, to worry about appeasing the devilish conservative wing backed by Citizens United money and C-Span favoritism, President Barack Obama better be worried about the assault to come from the ones he’s ignored: the environmentalists, the gays, the Latinos, the Blacks, the Unions, the poor and the Move On folks.  They may have sit on their hands during this mid-term, but they’ll be back in 2012.  Then, Obama will see a challenge like never before.


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