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Define “Winnable”

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December 7, 2010

By Perry Redd

We are witnessing a Battle At Little Bighorn in Congress over what to cut out of the budget to make our country fiscally sound.  A battle of the bullshitters is really what it is.  Tax cuts for the rich or elimination of help for the poor pales in comparison to real budgetary matters that can make a real difference.  You wanna make a dent?  Cut the unwinnable war!

Who cares if the war in Afghanistan is winnable or not.  Sure, Americans will have bragging rights, but for real, how do you define a win?  While ten years of trying make another culture of people bend to your will, you gain very little in physical resources (I heard glass is made of sand) and once you black somebody’s eye, its really hard to trust them as your friend; and I hope we aren’t trying to foster another vacation destination…this would make one of the most expensive Disneylands ever!

And speaking of black eyes, America’s got a ten year one: 470 U.S. casualties…and that’s just this year!  More than that, just think…the Afghans don’t pay for uniforms, bullet-proof vests or night-vision goggles.  They don’t own one Abrams M-1 tank—and they’re still holding us off!  Overall, we’ve lost over 1,400 American troops in conquest over a non oil-producing region.  I think somebody else holds the patent on winning…

Of course, the enemy, Afghanistan, has lost more men than we.  They should have being that we’re the elite fighting force in the world.  I can’t say for sure…I have to check Wikileaks for the facts.

Then again, we a culture of trusting experts.  In a Monday interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” General David Petraeus, said he was encouraged by U.S. troops’ recent progress in Afghanistan, but would not go so far as to say he was “confident” the Afghan army would be able to assume control from U.S. forces by NATO’s 2014 deadline.

“I think-no commander ever is going to come out and say, ‘I’m confident that we can do this,'” Petraeus told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in a pre-taped interview. I just find it funny that we continue to do the thing that isn’t working.  Isn’t that the definition of insanity?  But then again, this war isn’t insane; actually, its genius.  You see, military contractors are the ones benefitting from the destruction of these human lives. 

Corporations like Dyncorp, Halliburton, Becthel, Bell Helicopters and the like load the deficit that Republican members of Congress whine about.  The contracts that these corporations lobby for and receive is why the country can’t pull out of its recession.  A “good little war” has always meant “great big profits” for a chosen few.  And worse, Americans allow them to loot the coffers while the Federal Reserve prints off another $600 billon to “stimulate” the economy…though we’re opposed to stimulus packages—if Obama is doing the stimulating.

Its all a fraud, and gets more fraudulent everyday.  While you’re diverted by the Battle at Little Bighorn, our fellow Americans are being killed in a war veiled in semantics.  Confident in winning isn’t winning.  Never has been, never will.  I would say you should not allow anyone to re-define a clearly definable term.  Win means win.  Not “confident in winning.”  If after a decade, the Afghans aren’t amiable to being democratized, then democracy ain’t coming.  That’s a dinner invitation that needs to be passed on.  Quit faking like you’re doing something noble when you know killing for money can never get you into heaven.  That’s a no-win proposition.


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