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Occupy is the new song from Perry Redd and Reddland recordings from the upcoming “Strange Revolution” CD…The movement to “Occupy Wall Street” (in 1,574 cities as of today) has been crticized, maligned, demeaned and demonized by the status quo…but it contiues–to gain momemtum and credibility–as the rats that brought America’s economic system to a place of irrevocable redemption. Government-sanctioned wars, corporate greed and legislative irresponsibility has caused harm and hardship on poor and working-class Americans–black, white and otherwise–that aren’t felt by the top income brackets of this country. We “occupy” to voice disdain and disapproval of this unjust system, demolish the current injustices and make way for a re-structure of the corrupted socio-economic American system.


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