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When Gods Sees Red

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August 28, 2012

By Perry Redd

I’ve written in commentaries past of the recent rash of natural disasters in the United States that have coincidentally landed in the majority of politically-drawn “red states.”  I am of the mind that when Republicans welcome the support of Evangelical Christians who speak that it is God’s wrath which lands upon Black people from the Haiti earthquake of 2008 to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  I find that presumptive, arrogant and more than anything, racist.  But racism aside, for the sake of argument, let’s just say their right.  So what do we make of Hurricane Isaac bearing down on Tampa, just in time for the Republican convention?

Do we attribute dark skies to God’s disapproval of Republican policies that disenfranchise poor voters, cut social programs that hurt the poor or quell poor people voices with anonymous donor money via Citizens United?  The hurricane won’t hit Tampa, but is there any sane person thinks that it’s because God has favor with Republicans?

It is among the most convenient means to twist an unknowledgeable individual’s understanding of God’s purpose and intent, to attribute natural events to “God’s will.”  Who can say that it isn’t, but then, who can say that it is?  To look at the Republican convention, why is it that no one says that they had to cut the first day off of their festivities?  Yes, the symbolic “first day.”

It is of the most hypocritical premises that conservative Republicans hold fast to; that natural disasters that occur in the lives of poor people are God’s execution of his wrath. But when it occurs upon white, conservative, Evangelical believers, it’s simply a tragedy.  Just look at 9/11…no one dare say that it was God’s wrath being executed on imperialist, war-mongering America.  That would’ve have been—and was—frowned upon as “unpatriotic” and “un-American,” but I can’t recall that anyone called it “ungodly.”

I am angry that this conversation arises each time a natural disaster hits people of color.  At the time this commentary went to print, Hurricane Isaac was headed for New Orleans.  Which sins will Republicans say Louisianans partook of this time?

Fox personality Bill O’Reilly gave an opportunity Monday evening to the Southern Poverty Law Center to address Family Research Council president Tony Perkins‘ allegations that the SPLC’s labeling of the FRC as a “hate group” gave “license” to alleged gunman Floyd Corkins to attempt murder at the FRC offices in Washington, D.C.

“The way he described our criticism of his group is false,” SPLC spokesman Mark Potok said of Perkins’ appearance on The Factor two weeks ago. “We do not list any group on the basis of believing that homosexuality is a sin or opposing same-sex marriage. We have listed the FRC as a hate group because it regularly spreads demonizing false propaganda about the LGBT community.”

When pressed for a specific example, Potok elaborated: “It describes gay people as perverted, as incestuous, as evil, and dangerous to the nation. It also regularly says things that are flat-out lies about gay people as a group. For instance, it describes pedophilia, in Tony Perkins’ words, as a ‘homosexual problem’ and closely associated pedophilia with homosexuality. And that is simply false.”

Republican conservatives hold fast to this rhetoric and proudly teach it to their youth and spread it across the country, while we find white, males like former Rep. Larry Craig and former leader of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) Ted Haggard were indeed homosexuals.  These men falsely stood among the crowd bashing gays and lesbians while they themselves were practicing a gay lifestyle.

I wouldn’t care less about their life choices except the fact that they were Republicans. There are so many fake Republicans who know they are double-speaking that one must wonder how they can keep a straight face when they voice their value systems.  With the most recent tornadoes in April (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska), floods in Florida and Alabama, wildfires in June in Wyoming and North Carolina, why isn’t anyone questioning “God’s voice” in those states.  Iowa and North Carolina are now “battleground” states and the others are red states.

During their convention I see that Republicans are playing the “win-at-all-costs” game, so when their “God” calls to cash in His chips, don’t think He won’t be seeing red.


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