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Dishonest Dicks

The Other Side of the Tracks a Socially Speaking commentary by Perry Redd

It appears that Americans are surprised that the United States government has shut down.  I’m repeatedly angered at media soundbites that play voices of people who blame congress for “acting like children” or “not getting along” or “not thinking about the people.”  I get upset because rather than tell the honest truth about what caused this morass, the American public—through mainstream media—keeps whitewashing the fact: racist Republican conservatives are doing what they do to oppress the majority of Americans who are not corporations.

Americans, too many times use the worn-out phrase, “both parties are to blame.”  Both parties are not to blame.  It is accurate that both parties are thieves, liars and lie in bed with huge corporations that rape the American people, but only the Republican party sought to make Barack Obama “fail,” de-fund affordable healthcare and make sure poor people had no supportive safety net programs.  Along with that, all across the country, Republican legislatures are seeking to stifle and prevent poor, formerly disenfranchised and Black Americans from voting.

I don’t know too many Black men named Dick; besides Richard Nixon and the late actor Dick Van Dyke, I would say, that the only Black Dick I know is Gregory.  I venture to say Dick is reserved for white males.  Thus, the party of white males—the Republican Party—are a band of dishonest Dicks.  They won’t say that their reason for not averting the government shutdown is because making healthcare affordable will more ably even the societal scales.

For example, the new study by Justin Dimick and colleagues from the University of Michigan confirm what we already knew: that Blacks receive a lower quality of healthcare in America and their study gives a better understanding why Black patients generally have higher mortality after major surgeries than their white counterparts, and how America might try to reduce this gap. At the most basic level, the Affordable Care Act starts to address these disparities.

Another thing you ought to remember is that when the government shuts down, 800,000 Americans don’t get paid, but the United States congress does (they made sure through the 27th Amendment to the Constitution).  Their aids get paid.  The people that serve them get paid.  So it is clear that, like shutting down Head Start or WIC or flu shots for poor children, Republicans, who held the unconditional ransom of the Affordable Care Act over the heads of Americans, don’t care about anything other than themselves.

You’ve got to remember that the overarching objective of conservatives is to make government smaller.  Their fearless leader, Grover Nordquist said himself back in 2001, “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub.”  If government is small, it can’t effectively protect the oppressed classes in a society.  A shutdown is effectively drowning it.

This has been an evident characteristic of the Republican Party for years now.  During my lifetime, since the days of the Moral Majority, the Republican Party has been an enemy to equalizing society’s scale of injustice.  I’ve watched them attack Affirmative Action with grand fervor.  I’ve watched them move like lightning to enact mandatory minimum drug sentences. I watched them protect police-induced murder.  I watched them enable corporations to de-fang job protections and the right to organize.

Now we have this current shutdown of the U.S. government and Republicans claim that Democrats don’t want to compromise.  This is an insane claim.  I, along with the rest of America, recall President Obama sitting down at the table with John Boehner, among other Republicans. 

Throughout the health care reform debates of 2009 and 2010, President Obama refused to commit to either a single-payer health care system, favored by liberal Democrats, or a government-sponsored public option– the favored choice among more progressive Democrats. He did this in deference to Republicans. Instead, the President focused on enacting legislation that would cover the vast majority of Americans and lower health care costs, even if it was not the first choice of liberals. 

Now, the American people have a case of “selective amnesia.”  They want to blame “both parties” for “not getting along.”  It’s not a case of both parties; we must be bluntly honest.  The problem are the dishonest Dicks who want to “Take Their Country Back.”  These Dicks have still not gotten over that a Black male has been elected president.  One of their mouthpieces, Ann  Coulter, just recently referred to the president in the context of a monkey.  Dicks quickly attacked anyone who might’ve been offended as “race hustlers” or “race pimps” on Twitter to deflect the fact. 

The government shutdown is simply about denying dignity to groups of Americans who aren’t as fortunate as some others.  The Affordable Care Act is solely about rectifying that reality.  Anyone who can’t speak that truth is simply a dishonest Dick.


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