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Punched Right In the Mouth

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

It’s so very hard to stay positive…about the future of life in the United States.  Sure, I think about the reality of moving to another country, but then political instability or social unrest or material shortcomings overtake my dreams.  Incidences of NSA spying, police brutality or theft by elected leaders revive my vision.  Yet, in my battle to stay positive, rays of hope come through when I read a headline where conservative efforts to “take their country back” fall face down, like a knocked out heavyweight.

In the last few weeks, Democrats won the three highest elected offices in Virginia—a red state, Pennsylvania Republicans got reversed on their disenfranchising voter ID law and Arizona Republicans got shot down by the High Court on their attempt to restrict abortion—any further.  That’s what I call a punch in the mouth!  Unfortunately, us progressives have been punched in the mouth for the past two decades.  We’ve got some punching to do!

The Supreme Court declined to hear Arizona’s appeal of a lower-court ruling that declared unconstitutional a state law banning abortions beginning at 20 weeks of fetal gestation, meaning the restrictive measure is struck down. The Arizona law, signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer in 2012, had been considered one of the toughest in the United States in imposing limits on abortion.

In another instance, a Pennsylvania judge struck down a controversial law requiring voters to show photo identification before they cast their ballots, the latest ruling in what has become a nationwide battle over voter ID laws. Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley ruled that Pennsylvania’s voter identification law is unconstitutional and places an unreasonable burden on people trying to exercise their right to vote.  It only makes sense—to sane people.

Lately, there have been a few rays of hope as Republicans ashamedly capitalize off of their gerrymandering of this decade.  30 states have Republican governors. A Republican getting handed their head—a punch in the mouth—is welcome news as I witness shameless attempts at passing racist legislation meant to take the country to the days of “The Founding Fathers.”

I always think to myself, those men weren’t my fathers; a father wouldn’t treat his children that way…then, I get real.  Fathers do it all the time.  They’re still not my fathers. But I digress…

2014 has started off really good…the Virginia governor who proudly revived confederate flag day just got indicted, the Republican hopes for the presidency in 2016 is on the brink of an indictment and a sure-fire Republican congressman just resigned after getting busted for buying crack…and we’re just in January!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, 2013 stank for us.  Jesse Jr., went to prison, Kwame Kilpartick went to prison, even locally, a favorite politician of mine, Harry Thomas, Jr., went to prison.  Our game is sloppy too.  Detroit went bankrupt, DC is gentrifying, immigration reform was stalemated by the Right and Black inmates are still awaiting retroactivity on the crack-powder relief granted by the Justice Department.

Republicans have gone out of their way to make life unbearable for the working class of America.  They’ve went even further to make Black Americans disturbed.  They have cut food stamps, cut unemployment insurance, placed barriers on voting and obstructed healthcare reform.  I speak insincerely when I say I wish them no good.  They have conducted themselves in a transparent manner that only brings me to the conclusion that they despise me…and people that look like me. The public policy enactments from Florida’s efforts to further disenfranchise ex-offenders to several southern state’s strategy to drug test recipients of government assistance is clear evidence that conservatives are waging an extended war against Blacks.

What I will say is that the traditionalist model of politics is struggling for life, only to get infused by the Citizens United decision and unchecked political money.  They’re breathing the dirty air of “clean coal.”  They’re hanging onto the neo-conservative fight against climate change and they’ve gone Pollyanna on civil rights.  Their losing the battle against marriage equality; they’re losing the battle to continue warring against drugs…and it’s only because the progressives of America are swinging.

The premise of “a more perfect nation” can only be realized by forcing the hand of progress.  The conservative right are taking punch after punch—and it’s landing square in the mouth!  Don’t stop swinging.  We’re not “swinging for the fences, our blows are calculated.  Landing with precision and landing where it counts.  The outright defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012 was a step in the right direction, but it wasn’t a blow the landed far to the right.  We must aim for the extreme right…the money shot.  For if we don’t, we’ll get caught slippin’, they’ll sucker punch us and we’ll have to start our fight all over again.


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  1. Amen, brother. Tell it!

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