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No Rug to Sweep Blame Under

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

Guess what’s new? It sure isn’t mass shootings…yes, we have another episode of senseless gun violence that has taken a few more innocent Americans. Again, progressive-minded Americans are immobilized into silence because the gun lobby is holding a gulliotine over everyone’s head. When we will get enough of this madness…and do something?

One of the largest military installations saw another mass shooting last week and immediately, the press went straight for the “mental health” angle to allay the fears of America. Another shooting and you know the story: shooting, shock, grief, mourning, debate, then back to normal. No legislative change, no cultural adjustment. We just keep the status quo as if the lives lost have no meaning.

The soldier who opened fire at Fort Hood became enraged after an employee wouldn’t give him a leave of absence form, according to the father of one of the soldiers he shot. Sgt. Jonathan Westbrook was struck four times in the spray of bullets, but was able to tell his father the shooter became agitated after an employee asked him to come back the next day.

He came back’ alright…with a damned gun! The shooter, Spc. Ivan Lopez, killed three soldiers and wounded 16 other people before being confronted by a military police officer and then killed himself. Is that mental illness? Damned right it is! Just getting a gun is mental illness. Settling disputes with a gun is what mentally ill people do! The problem is, millions of Americans believe this very methodology—and they have guns!

So you know that the political pundits are looking high and low for a mental health cause to this tragedy, unfortunately, Lopez’s mental illness issue is scant, at best. He wasn’t diagnosed with anything nor did he have a history of violence. He wasn’t a convicted felon, so what is the NRA’s defense of guns going to stand on here? Nothing but your silence.

Look, I wrote about this same issue in February of last year: The end-game is this: anybody—police or otherwise—who desires to kill another—or themselves—has a mental issue, for whatever reason. There is no sane reason to want to kill another human being. Guns just make it easier to do—and more probable of reaching the desired result.

It is absolutely insane that no one wants to state the obvious: guns kill people. As far as mental health goes, it is only a mentally unstable person who wants to kill another human being…regardless of the reason! Whether retribution, anger, rage, revenge, insult or anything else you can conjure up, it is abnormal to want to kill—exterminate—another human being. To own a gun is the early stage of that instability.

Conservatives and Libertarians want to blame criminals; they want to blame the mentally ill. What they won’t blame is guns! Just today, A police officer was shot four times when a man opened fire inside the lobby of LAPD’s West Traffic Division. I don’t know the details, but I do know that no one would’ve gotten shot if there was no gun in the building! It’s just not rocket science.

Each time there’s a mass shooting, the real cause gets swept under the rug. The NRA is going to throw their money and public relations at you and tell you that the Second Amendment is under threat if gun control laws are enacted or enforced. Hell, WE are under threat everyday that sane people purchase guns, then have an insane moment at our expense.

For the 142-year history of the National Rifle Association, it’s portrayed itself as an advocate for the individual gun owner’s Second Amendment rights. In turn, the NRA relied on those gun owners, especially its 4 million or so members, to pressure lawmakers into carrying out its anti-gun control agenda. For real, the gun manufacturers of America have a great stake in keeping gun laws weak. Hell, we’re talking a $12-billion-a-year gun industry, made up of manufacturers and sellers of firearms, ammunition and related gear.

We, as the American public, have allowed ourselves to be emasculated by the gun manufacturers and the NRA. Our legislators get big campaign contributions from gunmakers and gun distributors. Our representatives give them broad, and unprecedented, immunity from a wave of liability lawsuits related to gun violence in America’s cities.

We need to place the blame where it should go, guns. Then legislate them out of a civilized and peaceful society. So when a Fort Bragg happens, they simply throw mental illness or criminals on the pile of bodies, then sweep ‘em under the rug. Well, Ivan Lopez had no history of mental illness. This time, there is no rug to sweep the blame under.


One Response to “No Rug to Sweep Blame Under”

  1. Go ahead and try, filth. You and your politicians will be gunned down, along with your and their kin, if it even looks like you have a meager hope of success.

    Your kind is allowed to live only because of your failure. For you, the beginnings of success spell your extinction and that of your bloodlines unto the unborn spawn we’ll shoot in the womb.

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