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The Take Our Country Back Court

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

I want to say I told you so, but I won’t do that… But I will say I told you so. Back in 2010 when the Tea Party was on its tirade of ultra-limited government and taking “their” country back, we knew something was going to have to break. It appears that it’s our backs.

The latest Supreme Court session is making a farce of American democracy. For all of you who don’t think that voting is important, think again. For every Republican victory at the polls—or in the Courts—there’s another Progressive loss in your life. Republicans are the same people who bang the drum of separation of church and state yet they endorse reciting prayers at the start of government meetings.

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m seeing what I’m seeing. The justices in this 5-to-4 Court ruled that paying restitution can be too high. Don’t they trust judges to do the right thing? We have to. What’s too high a price to pay for pedophilia? The Supreme Court ought to be scaring you to death. For all the years of fighting for inclusion in a racist society, we see that the Supreme Court has upheld Michigan’s ban on Affirmative Action. To be more specific, the court upheld the right of the majority to undermine the rights of the minority. This is what take our country back looks like.

The usual suspects: Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito with Kennedy in tow, have eviscerated all forms of strong civil rights legislation. Even the Voting Rights Act was not immune from these take-our-country-back types, but we’re also in trouble on the political side of the fence.

The recent McCutcheon ruling allows campaign contributors to give unlimited amounts of money to campaigns. This is totally oppositional to “one man, one vote”—or even under a representative form of governance. Wealthy donors can afford multiple, large dollar amount donations. Thus, they will have greater influence when it comes to donating to candidates directly. Under the current aggregate limit of $48,600, an individual can max out at 18 federal candidates per cycle. Think of how much more they could give in total, if they maxed out at 50 candidates — or even more. This ruling only demonstrates that the more money you have, the more vote you have.

Shaun McCutcheon, a Conservative businessman from Alabama, enjoys giving money to political candidates and committees. He wants influence. He handed out thousands of dollars in donations last election cycle. He says he would have given more, if not for the law that says an individual can only donate a certain total amount each cycle to candidates and certain political committees. McCutcheon thinks the law is a violation of the First Amendment. How free speech can be contorted to equate to giving enormous amounts of money to get someone elected is a stretch. I’ll never understand.

What the take-our-country-back crowd (Conservative Republicans) did was changed the law—the Federal Election Commission (FEC) Act. The FEC and those who favor tighter campaign finance restrictions believe (like me) that the limits are necessary to fight corruption. Changes to the FEC Act in 1974 instituted those limits and created the FEC as the body that oversees and enforces campaign finance regulations. The Act was amended in the wake of violations committed during the Watergate scandal…Yup, the good ol’ days.

These decisions only guarantee that the more Conservative Republicans, who want to roll the clock back to the days when only an exclusive few made the rules for the many, will get to do it again. And that’s not the sad part; what’s sad is that we stood on the sidelines and watched this reactionary Court have its way. The very people who needed those laws—the poor and the oppressed, working-class Americans—will be irreparably harmed by these 5-4 rulings. This Court is slowing returning Blacks to subservient status in American society.

Yes, I want to get out, but where in the hell am I going to go? The tentacles of capitalism, led by America, are all over the globe. Revolutions and uprisings are many and will grow as laws that benefit the corporate class and oligarchs become commonplace on every continent.

So I ask, “What are you going to do differently?” Will you continue to sit it out and believe that a Savior from the clouds will appear and make things right? Will you continue to stand on the sidelines and believe in the best angels of elites and oligarchs? If you are one of those sitting in hope, then you’re just waiting and watching as the Court legitimizes taking “their” country back… And you know what it was like back then, just ask Cliven Bundy.


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  1. Hilarious post, I love sarcasm!

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