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When You Act Like A Brat

A Socially Speaking Commentary from Perry Redd

A Socially Speaking Commentary from Perry Redd

I see little kids go off on their parents in retail establishments all the time. I can’t imagine talking back, throwing tantrums or even less, pouting, when my mother would tell me anything when I was a kid. I think that far too seldom, American kids don’t receive adequate and appropriate discipline from their caretakers these days. My mother used to tell me, “You’d better not act up in here, ‘cause I will embarrass you.”

Acting up is what conservative Republicans have been doing for the past six years—since Barack Obama won the presidency. Not the kind of acting up that amounts to activism that makes America “more perfect,” but the kind of activism that brings America’s progress to a screeching halt. This “acting up” has brought the government to a shutdown, restricted voting and reproductive freedom and rolled back landmark legislations that made this country proud.

That very acting up appears to have shook the foundation of the Republican Party establishment. House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, suffered a stunning electoral upset by a political newcomer, Randolph-Macon College economics professor Dave Brat. Now, the reasons for Cantor’s loss at the ballot box will be debated, but what is undisputable, is that recalcitrance is often met with a spanking! It could be looked at as the voters of Cantor’s district thought he wasn’t conservative enough. I doubt it, though Brat appears that he will be ideologically worse.

I attribute his loss to two things: 1) the crappy open primary system that allowed Democrats to vote in a Republican primary (which political pundits won’t talk about as a possibility) and 2) Cantor was a politically arrogant brat that went to Washington and made sure—along with anti-Obama Republicans—nothing got done.

Not that I place any stock in polls, but eighty percent of Americans disapprove of the job Congress is doing, while just 12 percent approve. At this point in the 2010 election cycle—when Democrats were in the majority—congress’ approval rating was 15 percent, not much different than it is today. Just notice this: as our country slides further and further to the right, the approval ratings drop further south. Conservative “principles” only bankrupt the country, rob our children, harm the majority. Though we’re not talking much about unemployment right now, it’s harder and harder to find a job; even harder to find a good-paying one! That only works out for big employers. The common man of America is hurt by that.

There are times when change, for the sake of change, has to take place. The new Brat, like DC’s Mayor Vincent Gray, doesn’t represent change…only a transition to change. It’s also unfortunate that the new brat, will be worse than the old one, because he campaigned to be more conservative. Though the voters of Virginia’s 7th Congressional district say they want that, just wait until it happens. They’ll be calling for his “do nothing” head on a platter too. Then what?

Those voters will come to realize that they’ll have to move closer to the middle—in order to get something done. They can’t keep politicking to the right to move this country forward…even if they choose to stay behind. They too, cannot be brats. I don’t even think they realize that they’ve taught themselves a lesson. Though, it took a Brat to beat one, anyone that is a brat, will surely end up getting spanked.

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