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The Jewish Rule of Exception

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A Socially Speaking commentary from social change activist and author, Perry Redd

This battle for respect is nothing new. Washington’s professional football team said as much. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruled that the Washington Redskins’ name is “disparaging of Native Americans” and should be stripped of trademark protection — a decision that puts powerful new financial and political pressure on the NFL team to rename itself. But they won’t, because they believe that they are “exceptional.” Now, where do you think that came from?

Daniel Synder is ridiculously resistant to changing the name of his football team. He, as owner of a professional sports franchise, is an overt racist (as opposed to former NBA, LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling, who was revealed to be a covert racist). Snyder has brought forth insane defenses for keeping a disparaging name and mascot in place, without drawing the ire of fellow NFL owners. You notice that this is the only group you haven’t heard from? These other owners have tacitly approved this practice of defending racism. Is it because he is a Jew?

I don’t profess to know the entire Jewish story. What I do know is that, because of their arrogance (believing and teaching that they alone are the “chosen” race by God), and their claim to “exceptionalism,” Jews were threatened with evisceration, decimation, and thus, extinction, by the Aryan Germans during the 20th century. It took another group believing in the concept of “exceptionalism” to save them from decimation, Americans.
Let’s get it straight, I stand with anybody who was on the brink of extermination at the hands of racists. Once that bridge is crossed, we have to make fully certain that we don’t become the thing that we hate. It’s evident that Jews have done just that. It is time for people with a conscience—especially Jewish people—to reverse course.

This same drive toward extinction—at the hands of terrorists—is exactly what happened to the Black man of Africa brought to the Americas on slave ships and the native dwellers of the said Americas by European invaders. These are facts. There is no valid argument against what I just said. Many will be offended and feign offense. You can’t argue facts.

There is nothing exceptional about being an unjust people. Whether holding people in racist subjection in Palestine or using twisted logic to degrade an entire race of people (no matter how small a population they may now be), there can be no claim to exceptionalism. In America, because of our Constitution (which white males hold in high esteem), there is no wiggle room for the racist variety of branding your football team.

We know from the CNN interview that Donald Sterling did with Anderson Cooper, that he believes that his Jewishness affords him certain privileges where which others are not worthy. In his interview, he voiced the subjugation that Blacks in America should accept because of the superior way Jews conduct business, as opposed to Blacks. I didn’t say it, he did.

Unfortunately, this attitude of exceptionalism is contagious. Other Jewish Americans will subscribe to this conflictual logic. If Dan Synder is allowed to use the Donald Sterling reasoning veiled by capitalism—which the Trademark ruling indirectly addresses—then we poison the well of progress in racial equality in America. I’d like to be wrong in my observation, but when I see damned near everyone deemed “credible” in the press is a Jew or every person of significance—in front of or behind the cameras in Hollywood—is a Jew or every foreign policy decision that our country makes falls to the benefit of the Jewish state, then I have to wonder of what well I’m being coerced to drink from.

Look, some of my life’s favorite people and mentors are Jews. To this day, DC activist and educator, David Schwartzman is among my “favorite Jews.” I love Schwartzman, not only because he is a champion for justice and opposes the Palestinian occupation, but because of his sincere humility. When he is wrong, he doesn’t go on an apology tour like Donald Sterling and makes excuses, he goes directly to the source of the offense. A real man’s man.

It’d be nice if Dan Snyder was a David Schwartzman kind-of-guy, but it ain’t happening. The battle for respect will be won in the court of popular will—and corporate profit margins. The sports fan of America must realize that sports helped guide our collective conscience. Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey set a stage for change in 1947. Dan Snyder and Washington’s football team’s break with tradition, will do it today…and not because he’s a Jew, but because it’s the American thing to do.


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