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Avoiding Facts In Gaza

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

The weekly socio-political commentary from activist, Perry Redd

You’ve heard the phrase, “Keep Hope Alive.” Well, when it comes to Israel’s occupation of Palestine, I don’t. I’m not keeping hope alive. Hell, killing human beings indiscriminately doesn’t keep hope alive. I’m not a pessimist, but I am a realist. Misplaced hope is only mind sugar for fools. It gives an immediate “up,” then makes for a terrible crash.

The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has topped 600 as the Israeli siege and bombardment has entered its third week. Over 75% of those killed are civilians; more than 100 are children. Israel says it has lost 27 soldiers since the ground invasion began last week. These are matters of fact. The Western media—led by Jews—are hard at work framing the bombardment and assault on the Gaza Strip as an even-handed contest of combatants, where the Palestinians are losing. These reports are far removed from fact. Israel confirmed the remains of one of its soldiers presumed to have been killed in Gaza had still not been found. Hamas has said it captured the soldier.

The most recent siege on Gaza is predictably similar to the last one…and the one before it. As long as money and preferred status dominate Western societal thought, Gaza will remain marginalized and enslaved. Observers might be challenged, but will be encouraged to take the coward’s way out: ignorance. As long as feigning ignorance to a dire socio-political ill is deemed possible and acceptable, the reality of Israel’s siege on Gaza, will remain with us.

The mainstream media (which I have termed “accepted media”) are line reporting that it’s not clear why NBC’s talented foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin, who witnessed the killing of four Palestinian cousins in Gaza and was removed from his post later that day, then reinstated. We all know why he was removed, but are afraid to often the people who hold the pursestrings of America. Mohyeldin was pulled by NBC because he was reporting facts on the ground—of the Palestinian plight. As far as white Westerners—especially white Americans—facts be damned.

Facts have been elusive in the “accepted” media. For those who choose to know, the facts in this conflict are important:

· The Gaza Strip is an internment camp…the expectations that people will stay locked-in is a non-sequitor; the socio-political discourse has been framed in such a way that Americans are led to ignore that initial and basic truth…The Jewish mantras “Never Again” and “Let Us Never Forget” culminate in the Israeli Jews doing the same thing the Nazis did to them
· The attack on Gaza is no less than mass murder and ethic genocide; a comparative analysis of , human resources, weapons caches and body counts clearly demonstrate war crimes committed by Israelis…the attacks on Gazans are demonstrably an attempt at ethnic cleansing
· Occupiers will always deny that they are occupying; the enclosed borders of Gaza—Israel on one side and Egypt on the other—speaks for itself; the policies of starving the democratically-elected government of Hamas guaranteed its failure to govern; the Israel/US-led coalition of nations
· Israel claims it has a “right to defend itself”…yet the reality that Palestinians—Gazans—don’t, is simply a misleading framing of the human condition; during Jim Crow America, black people held firearms to defend themselves against terroristic white people. It is not unreasonable to expect people living under violent and oppressive occupation to not fight their way out of oppression
· Denying another’s “right to exist” is impotent when the one you are denying has all the resources—especially weapons; the Palestinians’ resistance to Israel’s existence doesn’t mean Israel will exist and using it as justification to murder people is disingenuous
· Propaganda wars will always be won by the ones with the most money (i.e., Citizens United in the US under the guise of free speech); Hamas cannot make its case to the general public when it is starved of fiscal resources (just like the people cannot fairly compete with US corporations in elections); the Jewish community dominates the news outlets with human and fiscal resources—and that’s not coincidental
· The attack on Gaza is underwritten by the unspoken theory racial superiority…simply watch the news (better yet Democracy Now or Al jezeera) and examine the skin complexion of the sufferers
· The attack is undergirded—and encouraged—by the United States; when Americans are allowed to join and fight alongside Israeli soldiers, then Americans are complicit and equally guilty of mass murder
· Regarding humanity, Israel will never have an “attack of conscience”;never have white people throughout world history ever allowed their morality to overpower their conquests…the concept of “moral high ground” is too often conflated with responding out of fear, thus fear can serve as justification for immoral acts—and Israel could care less about acting moral
· This volatile opposition between Palestinians and Israelis will not be solved during my lifetime…and Israel doesn’t want it to be

As long as Israel can keep expanding settlements, holding nuclear arms and avoid the facts of their occupation, the principles of justice and equality are footnotes in theory. Don’t subscribe to the same mainstream framing of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Once you are grounded in the facts of the matter, you’ll realize you get your information from alternative sources, empathize with those who suffer (‘cause you’ll be maligned) and walk on the right side of history.


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