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Bernie Just Doesn’t Matter Now

The Other Side of the Tracks

The Other Side of the Tracks

He’s made it clear and unambiguous: he doesn’t give a damned about your humanity…”your” refers to Black Americans. This presidential election is pretty much show and tell. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said all I need to know to distance myself from him as another white American male that thinks like a white American male, and if you know anything about American history, white American males weren’t good for—or to—Black people.

On this Sunday’s Meet the Press, Bernie Sanders was asked if he apologizes to the Black Lives Matters movement for his inability to embrace the concept of Black Lives Matter, opting for an “all lives matter” position, he flatly refused. He quickly (and as if scripted) went into “healthcare for all” and a garden variety of other social ills that have afflicted Black Americans along with—and greater than—whites for the longest.

Sanders disavowed an apology…something so simple. He called it “a very, very important issue,” but he placed the apology on a staffer.

Therein lies the problem with white liberals. The status quo is what’s acceptable for them…or at least slow incrementalism. You see, living as a Black man in America means that one lives under daily stress and peril. Neither is the way this problem of unjustified killings of unarmed Black people is going to get solved. For those that can’t understand why I—or Black activists—are so adamant against the “all lives matter” alternative branding of the issue, allow me to help you understand:

In America, labels help us cut to the chase. In civil discourse, we don’t have to spend valuable discussion and solution time trying to figure out what position you’re in when we start the discussion. If you’re of the conservative mind on an issue, then a shortcut is drawn to what I’m debating…make it simple.
Saying “Black Lives Matter” means that you had to have forgotten that. This is not 1870, nor is it 1960, this is here and now. I’m getting too old to fight, but never will I be too old to die. I will die for this cause—because white America wants to kill me anyway! If they resist the concept that my life matters, then what makes you think they include me the “all” they’re trying to use as a weapon?

Whose Lives Matter?
It’s absurd that anyone would embrace that response as a to espousing “Black Lives Matter?” White lives have always mattered! That’s why the United States is so dis-united! Why would we need to emphasize that “all lives matter” when white males are not being shot and killed by white male—and the law enforcement community—at an ever-increasing rate. Black Americans should not have to beg, ask, nor demand that they not be killed! If you think that solving the problems of Black people is to solve the problems of all people, then you’re looney…this country hasn’t been doing that?

White people, stop responding this way! If all lives mattered, then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. White people are still defending this response! Are you kiddin’ me? Bernie Sanders will address what he wants to address, not what he needs to address.

The Reality
White liberals are asking the question, “Will the Black Lives Matter movement confronting the Democratic candidates cost Democrats the presidential election? I think that is such a selfish question to ask and a self-serving proposition. If that were to be the case, then you can’t blame Blacks; that would be the fault of whites. There is no way I’m going to vote Republican—especially since they embrace the law enforcement establishment—right or wrong! They won’t even address the issue genuinely! They blame-shift like nobody’s business…ain’t a ice cube’s chance in hell with them anyway.

Just like Al Gore in 2000, you white liberals allowed Republicans to disenfranchise us in Florida in the years leading up to the election, so when you passivity smacked you in the face, you acted like you didn’t know what the hell happened! You know what happened, you chose to be white first! All lives didn’t matter then, just like they don’t now…that’s why we’re doing this.

The reality is, there is no way we can go the way of Occupy—back to the status quo; that is unacceptable. Democrats have to change or great efforts will be made to have Blacks “sit on their hands”…and if you think that people don’t listen to me, then you just wait and see. I’ll be a chief organizer in that effort if Democrats—and white liberals try to brush this movement off. Politics is that means to obtain real change.

Message to white people: you’re going to stop killing me! Like it or lump it, you’re going to stop it or you will suffer a painful response…period. You are not God-fearing people if you can’t say that other people are as important as you are. That’s the problem the world has with the Jews. We are all important, we all matter and you cannot leave us—Black people behind! As far as a presidential contender, O’Malley blew it first, Clinton stumbled and Bernie Sanders just doesn’t matter now. Vote for your damned self!

3 Responses to “Bernie Just Doesn’t Matter Now”

  1. I so understand your frustration and I’m with you on this. Unfortunately, you have to vote for somebody, and it’s a given that the Democrats care more about minorities than do the Republicans. Opting out when we have a house and senate full of Republicans is not smart. Rethink this deal, please. Hugs.

    • Thank you…I thought like you for years and learned that my “passivity” in the face of annahilation benefitted me nothing, just more men who look like me being killed by those we purport to trust. Extreme times call for extreme measures…thank you again.

    • First, pls accept my apologies for this tardy acknowledgement. Opting out is a dangerous proposition, but begs the question: When will enough of the masses muster the hutzpah to rebel/repel
      the current politic? BTW, my absence is due to my full-time duties of owning and operating a new radio station. Give us a listen sometimes: WOOK LP on the Tune In app or

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