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Castor Oil for Cons

May 21, 2014

Never thought you’d see the day, did you? It’s about time. The conservatives, with their Tea Party activists in tow are getting their behinds kicked. A federal judge struck down Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage today, making it the latest of about a dozen states in which such bans have been declared unconstitutional in the […]

The Take Our Country Back Court

May 7, 2014

I want to say I told you so, but I won’t do that… But I will say I told you so. Back in 2010 when the Tea Party was on its tirade of ultra-limited government and taking “their” country back, we knew something was going to have to break. It appears that it’s our backs. […]

Similarities Don’t Mean the Same

February 26, 2014

I say in one of my songs, “If anyone tells you, ‘I know how you feel,’ then you know they ain’t real…”  I say that because we all go through trials, challenges and tribulations.  Many of those circumstances are the same: discrimination, unemployment, employment, loss of a loved one, violence or disappointment just to name […]

Flee Florida

July 19, 2013

The Other Side of the Tracks commentary by Perry Redd   Whether or not you’re among the surprised, facts on the ground are abundantly clear that the state of Florida is intentionally hostile—at the least—to the American Black man.  Women are targets in Florida too.  I am wholly convinced that no good thing can come […]

When Government Is the Bad Guy

January 16, 2013

I looked upon the recent death of Aaron Swartz. He was the modern-day, internet-saving crusader, who at age 14, co-developed the Really Simple Syndication or RSS web protocol, the key component of much of the web’s entire publishing infrastructure. His untimely death occurred just weeks before he was to go on trial for using computers […]

The Court Has Lost Your Mind

June 28, 2011

The Other Side of the Tracks: A Socially Speaking commentary June 28, 2011 By Perry Redd     The Supreme Court has lost your mind…once again.  For all of those “family values” conservatives, you’ve been shucked!  On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California law banning sales or rentals of violent video games […]

Chance for Equity

October 6, 2010

I want to see how blind justice really is. This is an opportunity for you to work with me in ensuring that whites and blacks are treated equal, that rich and poor are treated equal. What am I talking about? A veteran CBS Radio News correspondent was arrested early Saturday on drug charges after police searched his Northwest Washington home and found marijuana plants growing in his yard. Officers arrested 60 year old Howard Arenstein and his wife, Orly Katz, 57, at their home in the 3500 block of T Street and charged them with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, police. How will the wheels of justice turn for him?

Repeating the Verdicts of Injustice

July 14, 2010

Injustice is nothing new to the black people of America. From Slavery to Jim Crow; from legislative disenfranchisement to judicial whitewashing, the repetition of injustice rears it’s ugly head again and again…contemporary events only remind us that there is no such thing as “post-racial America” and my position is that we not allow the mainstream media—or conservative idealists—to make this an acceptable term. There is no such thing as “post-racial America.”

The Hypocritical Factor

May 18, 2010

Have we all been taught to “stand on your principles”, “be consistent”, “be a man of your word”? Recalling those wisdom of your father, why should we listen to elected leaders who ignore it?

My chief target of hypocrisy and blatant, “in-your-face” double-facedness, Mitch McConnell. The Senate Republican leader has warned America about President Obama’s choice of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court and her qualifications. “She’s the least qualified in terms of judicial experience in 38 years,” McConnell said. While he admits that some see that as an asset, McConnell nevertheless insisted that “about 70 percent of the American people think judicial experience is a good idea for somebody who is going to be on the Supreme Court.” My question is “what 70%?” And then again, who to say that other 30% is wrong?

The thing about Senator McConnell, is he forgot that he was in that 30% within recent memory…