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Suspecting the Usual Savior

June 4, 2014

Once again, the voices are sad and pitiful; and once again the voices of hope are inarticulate and unlearned. Yet another hardluck story for public consumption placed before us by the spawns of NPR. More relevant is the fact that the story of poverty is being told by the very perpetuators of the sad condition. […]

Never Failing to Find Failure

February 5, 2014

I’ve been admonishing the “public” in National Public Radio for a long time.  As a national vehicle, the premise of a straight-forward news reporting entity for the entire nation is a grand idea.  Being supported by public dollars is also icing on the cake.  Unfortunately, both premises are a fallacy when it comes to NPR.  […]

When Race Is A Hardluck Story

July 21, 2010

Since I cut cable out of my life about eight weeks ago, I’ve noticed a phenomenon that I didn’t notice before and I don’t like. I come across this occurrence whenever I’m browsing channels on network TV, but I first noticed it when I had cable. America, in all it’s diversity, pays attention to it’s minority populations…at least blacks and Latinos. The more TV I watch (maybe five hours per week, including “60 Minutes” and “The Simpsons”), the more I see that blacks and Latinos are featured—as hardluck cases.