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Bullies of the Mind and Body

December 2, 2014

There’s a reason why I just can’t kumbaya with police. They’re bullies. No, I can’t speak for any one police officer, but law enforcement, as an institution, give me reason—time after time—to dislike, distrust and disdain them. The Michael Brown shooting has simply exposed many of the elements of that disdain that most of us […]

A Bubbling Ferguson in DC

August 26, 2014

I watched and listened to a host of political pundits opining on the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting of Michael Brown and the citizen unrest in the aftermath. Many issues previously swept under the rug have re-appeared as usual. Of course, I’m sick of the repeat performances and delay in justice; but what’s pervaded my subconscious […]

Repeating the Verdicts of Injustice

July 14, 2010

Injustice is nothing new to the black people of America. From Slavery to Jim Crow; from legislative disenfranchisement to judicial whitewashing, the repetition of injustice rears it’s ugly head again and again…contemporary events only remind us that there is no such thing as “post-racial America” and my position is that we not allow the mainstream media—or conservative idealists—to make this an acceptable term. There is no such thing as “post-racial America.”