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The Difference with White Bullets

December 1, 2015

In the land of “exceptionalism” where justice and equality are core principles, the question of the hour is, does America play favorites…pick “winners and losers?” In light of the heightened awareness of the country’s racism—and the resistance to accept that as a fact—I’m compelled to highlight the bold-faced contradictions that this country—my country—is spoon-feeding and […]

Punched Right In the Mouth

January 29, 2014

It’s so very hard to stay positive…about the future of life in the United States.  Sure, I think about the reality of moving to another country, but then political instability or social unrest or material shortcomings overtake my dreams.  Incidences of NSA spying, police brutality or theft by elected leaders revive my vision.  Yet, in […]